Iridium, discovered in 1803, was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, reflecting the diverse colors of its salts. Despite its long history, iridium has only recently demonstrated its value. Its stable chemical properties, high melting point, and high density have made iridium a significant element in the industrial sector.

Precious Metal Recycling
Speaking of its uses, iridium is primarily employed in manufacturing high-temperature materials, electronic devices, and spark plugs for automobiles, with some also used in electrophysiological instruments. So, how much does iridium recycling cost per pound?

Today, Pingze Precious Metals Company quotes the iridium recycling price at $110 per gram. Therefore, a kilogram of iridium would cost approximately 110 million US dollars. Why is iridium so expensive? The rarity of iridium is a key factor; it is extremely scarce in the Earth’s crust. The extraction and processing of iridium are also complex and costly. Coupled with its crucial industrial applications, these factors collectively keep the price of iridium high.

That concludes our discussion on iridium for today. We hope this topic has enlightened you about the price of iridium powder. See you next time!

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